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Lots of things to see here, from mid-eighties to recent times: treats such as Les Enfants du rock while recording Be Yourself Tonight (we’re still in the process of putting all the multiple takes together) or the making of Beethoven video clip, along with the most boring interviews ever seen.
As for most of Europe, we didn’t get a lot e* related stuff on TV since 2000… Annie Lennox briefly portrayed in 2003 (no original footage), some mentions of Dave Stewart here and there and that’s it.


September 1989

Angel acoustic

  Main hertzian channels

French TV Channels

TF1 (Télévision française 1): first channel
A2 (Antenne 2): second channel.
France 2: second channel name since middle of 1990's
FR3 - France 3: third channel
La Cinq: fifth channel since 1986 to 1992
France 5: fifth channel
Arte: France and German channel (both languages)
TV6-M6: sixth channel. At the beginings (1984) it was a music channel. Now it broadcast warious things
Canal +: France fourth channel

Switzerland TV channels

TSR (Télévision Suisse romande): channel (French speaking) 

Belgium TV channels

AB 3: Belgium tv
Bel RTL: Belgium tv
Canal Plus Belgique: Belgium tv
Club RTL: Belgium tv
RTBF: Belgium tv
RTL TVI: Belgium tv

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