Eurythmics on TV

Director. Marek Budzynski
Editor. Sophie Muller
Production company.
Shooting place. Chalk Farm, London (UK)
Date. mid. 1982

Notes. The video was put online on by Marek Budzynski himself on March 4, 2007. You can watch The Walk video as well as the other Marek's works on his own space.

Marek Budzynski's biography. I’ve been working in film and tv since 1979. I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1983 with Sophie Muller - we both got M.A.’s in Film and Television. I currently direct, produce, edit and shoot a variety of work and have just come back from China where I directed four Kung Fu dvd’s and a kung fu short. Check out Shifu Yan Lei on Youtube and my channel and you’ll get an idea about some of the stuff that I do.

Some words from the director. I was the director of the video whilst I was studying for an M.A. in film and television at the Royal College of Art in London. Sophie Muller and I were class mates so I got her to help do the lighting and she edited the film. The camera operator and his mate (I can’t remember their names but I think one of them was called Julian) who were at the London College of Printing were friends of Dave and Annie’s manager back then and they brought the job to us at the Royal College.
The video was filmed at a carpenter friend of Dave and Annie’s who had a warehouse in Chalk Farm in London. The exteriors were shot in the courtyard outside where the all the beer barrels were being stored by a local distributor.

The original idea came from Dave and Annie and their manager. They talked about mood rather than specifics which is where we all came up with the lighting changes etc.
From what I know The Walk was shot before Love is a Stranger. Our film had an extremely low budget but back them you could still film on 16mm and end up on tape for not much money. I ended up directing for Jon Roseman who produced Love is a Stranger but not as a result of working on The Walk.

I liked working with them both. They had a friend of their hanging around on the shoot who I think was Blondies guitarist, but I could be completely wrong about that one.
Sophie worked helping out on the lighting and she edited the film at the Royal College of Art in a 16mm Steenbeck. After she left the film school she started working for a company called the Oil Factory which Daves brother started up. She once told me that she bumped into Dave at the Oil Factory offices. Dave remembered her from The Walk shoot and asked her to work with them on a new video. Sophie could fill you in better but that’s how I think it went.

The original print of the film got lost but by that point I wasn’t in contact with anyone involved in the production so I didn’t know whether it had been on tv or not.
The quality of the original tape is quite bad. I'm going to restore it sometime in the near future. It is possible to fix but it will take some time.

Marek Budzynski
March 11, 2007

Eurythmics on TV
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